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Here’s a useful tip for moving, will call it the clear container idea:

The clear container idea goes as follows:

  • Get a clear storage bin container
  • Mark the container “”
  • Fill the bin with essentials you will need for the first night in your new home
  • Now you have an easy to find container that will serve to hold your most “Essential” stuff


This type is readily available at Walmart
This type is readily available at Walmart

What kind of stuff should you be putting into your “Essentials” container?
Well, everything that you don’t want to be fumbling around for on the first night or the next day. Things that you know, you will need like important documents and overnight essentials like personal hygiene items such as toothbrushes, soaps, towels and a change of clothes.
The Clear container is an excellent idea because it will stick out and be easy to find amongst all of the boxes, bags and other things included in your moving job making it very easy to find among the chaos that sometimes ensues on moving day.
Sometimes you might be way too tired to unpack on the same day and as a result, you might have to put it off until the next day. Feeling tired on your moving day is normal and in many cases packing a clear container with all the essentials will make a big difference for you.
All Exclusive Transportation Services Inc. hopes that you find this tip useful. If you have any questions, you may contact All Exclusive Transportation Services Inc. using our online form or call us at 347-548-5855

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