Estimating Moving Costs

Moving Estimates:

Deciding what moving company to go with is not easy, we know that you have to go through the task of getting multiple estimates and sometimes it may not be clear what the final cost of the move is going to be. Here’s a quick explanation focusing on three types moving estimates.

The nonbinding estimate

In the nonbinding estimate, the moving company comes to you and evaluates your belongings and gives you an idea of what the final cost is going to be. The estimated cost of the moving job is just an approximate guess based on the belongings and other details that you tell the mover you are going to relocate. It is by no means a final price as the price may be adjusted based on weight, travel time, changes in the amount of things or the weight of stuff that you are moving. The amount that the mover is going to charge can change.
A non-binding estimate is simply an approximate cost.
A nonbinding estimate is the most commonly used type of price/cost calculation in the business.
Non-binding estimates are ideal for people who need a quick answer, are moving light shipments all require an over the phone price. All costs a mover gives you over the phone is nonbinding, and will likely be modified later.

The binding estimate

If you receive a binding estimate from a mover, you WILL know the final price of the moving job up front; however, a binding estimate is typically calculated at a higher rate to protect the moving company from unforeseen events or circumstances. Some customers like to know what total cost is going to be, which is perfectly understandable. But once a contract is signed, bear in mind that even if the actual move turned out to be less than what the mover and the customer agreed upon, the buyer must pay the agreed upon price. In other words, it’s binding and more ways than one.

The binding not to exceed estimate

In this type of estimate, the mover gives you a price based on the lowest possible cost and the highest possible cost. The final cost will not exceed the highest possible cost in the estimate thereby making it and not to exceed estimate price. The not to exceed estimate is a very flexible way of pricing a move especially if the final contents of the moving job is uncertain. But a general idea of the contents can be ascertained at the time that the estimate that the moving company gives the estimated price.
If you are not sure about what type of assessment best fits your needs, please contact All Exclusive Transportation Services and we will be happy to discuss options with you. You can contact us at 1-347-308-6290 or email us at Please also feel free to use our secure contact form.

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