Office Moving Guide

Office Moving Guide

All Exclusive Moving Services, Inc. can help you move your office to a new location. We understand that changing locations, whether you are expanding your operations or moving to smaller more comfortable offices that it can be a daunting task. We hope the office moving guide checklist below is both informative and helpful to you during your relocation.

  1. Plan ahead: You are going to have to set goals and realistic, obtainable deadlines and time frames. Preparation for the transfer of office furniture, files, computers, telephones and everything else that makes up your business operations will need to be carefully outlined so that everything is run as smoothly as possible.
  2. Technology considerations: You will need to allow Ideal Moving and Storage, Inc. the ability to coordinate with your IT department or technical lead in the office. We will need designation and time frames for moving your telephones and computers.
  3. Furniture: Some clients take as much of the furniture with them to the brand-new business space as can be used.Depending on the type of move, you may need to coordinate the delivery of brand new furniture to coincide with your moving day. As part of our services, we can help you set up the new furniture. In addition to moving the items form the old location, we could support you in this fashion.
  4. Delegation: You will possibly need to work with architects. Engineers, electricians, designers, etc. Make sure that all of the required people are “in the loop” as far as the logistical information they might need. The last thing you need is to be ready for the move only to find out that the electricians have not completed their end of the job, and you simply cannot move until they are done. That can cost you a significant delay and considerable expense.
  5. Change of address and marketing materials: Arrange for a change of address, transfer utilities and phone services. Let all of your clients know about the move and make sure that the post office has a forwarding card so that any mail sent to your old address is forwarded. If you have a brochure, business cards or other marketing materials, your address will need to be updated on these as well.
  6. All Exclusive Moving Services, Inc: Don’t forget to talk to us about what the labor costs, insurance costs, and packing services will be. We want to be as accurate as we can as far as estimating the costs for a job, and by having all of the information needed up front we can work together to make your business relocation go smoothly.
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