Summertime Moving Tips

All Exclusive Transportation Services Inc. knows how difficult and challenging it can be to relocate during the extreme heat of the summer months.  Here are a few summertime moving tips to keep in mind during your move. We hope that these tips will make your experience more enjoyable and safe for the whole family.


Make sure to drink plenty of cool When working in a sweltering environment, you should drink cool water in small amounts frequently. About 1 cup every 20 minutes at the minimum is what is recommended by OSHA. To further avoid dehydration do not consume alcohol, coffee, tea or caffeinated drinks.


Loading and unloading are strenuous types of work; they are very taxing, especially so in the heat. One of the best ways to battle the heat while working in it is to wear light-colored, lightweight, loose-fitting Doing so keeps your body cooler.

SPF 40

It is incredibly easy to lose track of time and spend too much time in the sun. So just in case you forget to take frequent breaks from the sunlight, wear sunscreen to help protect your skin from nasty sunburns. It’s also a good practice to wear a hat in extremely sunny and hot weather.


To minimize the risk of heat stress or heatstroke, not only should you stay hydrated by avoiding liquids that cause dehydration like alcohol, coffee, tea or caffeinated drinks, but you should take more frequent breaks when working in scorching Working shorter time frames and taking breaks more often can save you from heat exhaustion or worse. Heatstroke can happen so be careful.


Heart Disease, asthma, and other pre-existing medical conditions should be taken into consideration when planning your move. Botox or other cosmetic medicine procedures can also cause risk. If you or anyone on the moving job has ever suffered from any of these conditions, they may be risking serious injury. If you think there is any chance of that your pre-existing condition could cause a severe reaction, consider hiring a moving company. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
If you require a quote for your moving job, All Exclusive Transportation Services can provide a free estimate with no obligation; please call 347-308-5885.

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