How to pack your dishes when moving

All Exclusive Transportation Services Inc. provides the best moving tips for our clients and future clients. We hope that this article about moving your breakable items like dishes and other fragile ware is useful and easy to understand.
This article concerns moving your breakables. Using the right boxes and other moving materials will make moving your fragile glassware a snap, so for the sake of this tutorial we will mostly stick to detailing the materials needed to protect your items just like a professional would. We do our best to maintain our OSHA training and to be compliant.

We use these materials everyday:

  • Dish pack boxes. Often called dish barrels or china boxes, dish pack boxes are specifically manufactured using thicker corrugated materials to give them strength. The ticker cardboard helps too absorb some of the shock of moving and it also protects the items if the boxes shuffle around while they are on the moving van. They  cost more than regular moving boxes, but are well worth it.
  • Newsprint. This product is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the same grade of paper used to print a newspaper but without the ink. It will keep your fancy China cleaner then if you use regular newspaper. Using newspaper works in some cases, just keep in mind that the ink can transfer onto your dishes or other fragile items you are packing, possibly spilling onto your floors and requiring carpet cleaning.
  • Bubble wrap. This option is a lot more expensive, but if it’s in your budget, then this option will do just fine.

When it comes to packing your China or fragile items starts by patting the bottom of your dish Pack Box with some newsprint. Wrap each individual item was more news print and stack them evenly inside the box. Use more corrugated cardboard as dividers to keep the dishes from separating. As you pack the box check the weight of it to make sure that it doesn’t get too heavy.
Make sure that you used enough newsprint to cushion the items in the Box. It’s better to use multiple boxes then to try to cram every piece of glassware that you have into one box making it and possibly heavy or dangerously easy to damage the items inside.
Once each box is packed to your satisfaction and cushioned enough for shipping or moving, seal the box and don’t forget to mark the box “fragile” on all visible signs of the box.

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