How to pack your dishes when moving

All Exclusive Transportation Services Inc. provides the best moving tips for our clients and future clients. We hope that this article about moving your breakable items like dishes and other fragile ware is useful and easy to understand. This article concerns moving your breakables. Using the right boxes and other moving materials will make moving […]

How To Pack Oil Paintings

Packing and moving your belongings can be a very tricky proposition, even for a seasoned mover. Every item that you pack has their challenges, but how to pack oil paintings is one of the most difficult of tasks, and is a minefield of danger. There are plenty of ways to mess up oil paintings in […]

How to use bubble wrap

Bubblewrap is awesome. We are going to share some advice with you about how to use bubble wrap to protect your belongings during your move or relocation to temporary self-storage units.

Packing for Self Storage

When packing for self-storage, packing your personal belongings isn’t as simple as just cramming boxes until nothing else will fit. Jamming all of your stuff into your storage bins without thinking it through can be a recipe for disaster.