How To Pack Oil Paintings

Packing and moving your belongings can be a very tricky proposition, even for a seasoned mover.

Every item that you pack has their challenges, but how to pack oil paintings is one of the most difficult of tasks, and is a minefield of danger. There are plenty of ways to mess up oil paintings in transit; allow us the opportunity to give you a few tips on how to avoid that:

  1. DO NOT use paper packaging, not even NewsPrint packaging material in direct contact with the oil painting. It has an excellent chance of sticking to your painting and causing irreversible damage.
  2. DO NOT use bubble wrap in direct contact with the painted surface. You would think that bubble wrap wouldn’t cause the same damage as direct contact with paper packaging, but it can leave marks on your painting that will never come off. You may regret the day you placed bubble wrap in direct contact with your art.
  3. DO NOT package your painting in a box full of cushiony foam peanuts. Your art will be protected from any hard knocks while in transit, but the foam peanuts may get stuck to the painted surface and cause permanent damage.

We think that you might get the “picture” by now. Packing oil paintings for moving or storage is very different than packing regular household of office stuff.

  • DO make sure that the picture does not make contact with any of the packaging material.
  • DO make sure to use painting safe packing materials such as polyethylene plastic sheeting to cover your art in case it comes in contact with any packaging.
  • DO hire a professional like the All Exclusive Transportation Services, Inc. if it is within your budget. You will be glad that you did.

Here’s a good packing video by the fine paint dealer Golden Paints on how to package a small painting, it might give you a clear idea of what is needed to care for your artwork in transit.

If you have any questions or concerns, or if you want a free quote on packaging your paintings for relocation, please contact All Exclusive Transportation Services, Inc. 1-347-308-6290 or use our convenient contact form here

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