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Hello again everyone, All Exclusive Transportation Services Inc. has been in business for more than 20+ years. We receive many questions from our clients, and we try to answer them all as best we can. Our intention is to help our customers to the best of our ability and to provide the best service possible.
One common question All Exclusive Transportation Services Inc. receives is:

Notify utilities you are moving?

Well, you should notify utilities you are moving two weeks in advance, and there are a few different types of utilities and other services you’re going to have to advise including (you can use this as a checklist):

  • The Electric Company
  • The Phone Company
  • The Cable Company or Satellite TV
  • The Post Office (They have a temporary mail forwarding service in case you forget to notify a third-party)
  • Update Your Credit Card Accounts
  • Video Production Companies or other business contacts.
  • Notify Recurring Services (Pool cleaning, lawn mowing, other services)
  • Security (Your security monitoring service may need to move equipment as well)
  • Cell Phone Company

As long as you give companies at least two weeks notice, you will find the transition over to your new location to be a smoother and more tolerable experience. If you have any questions, please call
All Exclusive Transportation Services Inc. at 347-308-5885 and we will be happy to be of service.
Also, we’d like to remind you that All Exclusive Transportation Services Inc. offers free on-site moving estimates all year round. Weekends are by appointment, so call first.

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