How to use bubble wrap

How to use Bubble Wrap

Bubblewrap is awesome. We are going to share some advice with you about how to use bubble wrap to protect your belongings during your move or relocation to temporary self-storage units.
One of the most useful commodities ever produced, bubble wrap pads and protects delicate objects extremely efficiently. We use bubble wrap all the time professionally and just like the old cliché says “there is a right way wrong way to do anything.” and the old cliché could not be truer in this case so we would like to steer you in the right direction. Let’s do this the right way:
1. Everyone has his or her theory about how to use bubble wrap, and in some cases, people are of the opinion that it does not even matter how you place them, the bubble wrap will still do the job. However, quite to the contrary, my friends it does matter.
One question that comes up often is “should the protective bubbles be placed on the outside or the inside wall packaging my fragile items?” The bubbles should be used facing inward so that the bubbles can hold the item in place and prevent breakage from the bouncing motion of being moved around. So for best results positively bubbles in.
2. In some cases for very fragile items, it is an excellent idea to use paper to wrap the objects before using the bubblewrap. Take the piece and pre-wrap it with paper then place the bubble wrap over it and hold the whole thing together with tape. Doing so will create one of the best protective covers ever for your indispensable little knickknacks.
3. Don’t rely on bubble wrap by itself, even when using a pre-protective layer of paper use clothing towels and any other extra cushion inside of the box to provide an additional layer of protection and limit further movement.
4. When in doubt, contact a professional. If you are not sure how to use bubble wrap, contact All Exclusive Transportation Services and ask about our packing services. Call us at 1-347-308-6290 or contact us using our online form.

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